What EXACTLY Do I Offer My Clients?

I am three years into my coaching business and I still get messages asking me what exact services I offer.

I will admit, advertising is absolutely not a strong suit for me but I didn’t realize that what I do, as a coach, has not been exactly clear. So, I’m writing this in order to clarify some things.

I offer nutrition coaching as well as personal training services. All of my services are online and weekly check-ins are done via email. This means that no matter where you live, you can become one of my clients, so long as you have regular access to email.

Many people seem to think that my nutrition coaching is only for people who want to count macros or compete. This is not the case, at all. While I do have clients who count their macros, I also have clients who don’t track at all and focus more on behavior-based changes. Then, I also have clients who are somewhere in between. Each individual is different which means that each individual requires a different plan of action. I choose the nutrition method based on what the client and I agree will be the best method for them.

My coaching is SO much more than macros and workout plans. I talk to my clients on a regular basis. I help them figure out how to navigate restaurant menus and party food. I help them figure out ways to get past bingeing/emotional eating impulses. I help them learn time management so that they can find time to meal prep and workout. I help them figure out digestive issues. I teach them how to find structure and balance. I am there for it all.

I coach individuals of all ages, goals, lifestyles, experiences, schedules, etc. I coach moms who stay home with their kids, moms who work full-time, pregnant mamas, people with crazy schedules, people with more relaxed schedules, people with zero experience in the gym, people who have been working out for years, people in their 20s, people in their 60s, and everything in between.

As for my personal training services, I write customized workout plans for each individual. Some of my clients are lifting heavy in the gym six days a week. Some are exercising three times a week. Some are exercising partly in the gym and partly at home. Some are exercising completely at home. Some have to incorporate their toddlers in their workouts. Just as I do with my nutrition coaching, I tailor the workouts to each individual’s needs and lifestyle. No two clients have the same workouts.

I may charge more than those IG coaches who “promise” quick results with their cookie cutter plans but it’s because I put A LOT of time and effort into every single client I have. I answer EVERY question and address EVERY concern. I make adjustments whenever I have to. I don’t promise quick results because 1) quick results are NOT advocating a healthy lifestyle, which is what I’m all about and 2) I can only give you the plan – YOU have to put the work in.

So, while I do cost more than those cookie cutter coaches who don’t care about their clients, I actually charge a lot less than what you’d get from a personal trainer at the gym and I give you a lot more. With a personal trainer in the gym, you’ll be paying AT LEAST $40/session and, a lot of times, those sessions are only 30 minutes long. Plus, most of those trainers aren’t also helping you with nutrition. So, two 30-minute sessions per week would cost you WAY more than what I charge for an entire month of 100% personalized nutrition coaching and workouts.

It would be SO easy for me to become a cookie cutter coach and charge ridiculously low prices in order to get more clients but it goes against my sense of integrity, which is extremely important to me. I want to be able to give each and every client the attention they deserve, I want to give customized plans that will not only get my clients results but also help them learn how to live a healthy life, long-term. I will never compromise my principles or integrity and I will always fight for my clients.

If you want to know how I can help you, please reach out. It is my passion and my purpose to help YOU find true health and happiness in your life.

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